Smother - 201 Dance Company

Absence - Old School

Awake Projects - I'M PURPLE BITCH!

Benedikte Esperi - Om Frihet

Charles Adrian - Stories About Love, Death & a Rabbit

Eleanor Conway - Walk Of Shame

Insomniagirls - I Hurten Og Styrten

Mill Virtanen & Jaakko Toivonen - Blackpool

Nei Sinclair - The Terrible Tale of Dr F

Pia del Norte Co. - Latido: Rappu/Tori

Sirqus Alfon - I Am Somebody

Stella Wing-Yan Tsui & Brian Chung-Wai Ting - Lighthouse

Teatro Pomodoro - Cabaret From The Shadows

Det Andre Teateret - Don't Kill Your Darlings

Zack & Viggo - Thunderflop

Fringe Film - Around The World In 2 Hours

NO Fringe tickets are out!

Fringe is here, don't be square. Go get your tickets. The prices are fair and the shows are fantastic. If you are a student it's even better.
Fringe is coming to Bergen, Norway.


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NO Fringe Festival
Kong Christian Frederiks plass 4
5006 Bergen


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Monday the 11th.

Tuesday the 12th.

Wednesday the 13th.

Thursday the 14th.