NO Fringe Team


NAME: Jeanette M. Kjær
ROLE: Project Manager
EMAIL: [email protected]

Sometimes, when I really need a special treat I indulge myself in an artisan box of chocolates. I love the sense of something new, untested and approach each exquisite chocolate piece with great curiosity. Piece by piece I make discoveries that tantalise, surprise and and most of times fill me with great joy.

To me fringe is just like this.
Each act in this programme is different, unique and full of flavor.

I am very proud to present to you the first Fringe Festival in Norway. Our first year offering includes everything from stage art to dance, comedy and fringe cinema. Pick your favourite treats and let our artists take you down a road less travelled.

Welcome to NO Fringe Festival Bergen!



NAME: Hanne Vilja Sagmo
ROLE: Project leader

The idea came to us in a toilet line, after a long day where several organizations within SceneFolk had been discussing how to renew and develop Norsk Amatørteater. We were all exhausted and seemed to lack the great ideas – until we reached the line.

‘Have you ever been to a Fringe Festival?’
– ‘Yeah, in Edinburgh. A Fringe Festival in Norway would be great. It’s exactly what we need!’

Finally the festival has become a reality, and Norway Fringe Festival invites you to Bergen. We believe a Fringe Festival will contribute to a development within the Norwegian theatre scene by inviting theatre companies from around the world.

We also hope Norwegian companies will in return be seen on stages internationally – with help from the network created within the Fringe community. Today, world fringe consists of over 200 festivals. You will see some of the best and experimental acts at Norway Fringe. That’s what makes a Fringe Festival so exciting. Come and experience it for yourself.


NAME: Adam Levine
ORIGINS: United Kingdom/Norway
ROLE: Project Manager


NAME: Adam Potrykus
ORIGINS: Poland/Sweden
ROLE: Co-founder Stockholm Fringe (STOFF)
EMAIL: [email protected]/[email protected]

Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) is thrilled to be collaborating with the inaugural NO Fringe Festival. Together with Gothenburg and Reykjavik Fringe we are proud to present you with a new exciting performance art platform: the Nordic Fringe Network (NFN).

What started out very humble in Stockholm 2010 with just two stages in one venue spread out over a weekend has in 2017 become a month long celebration of emerging art.

So buckle up, enjoy and embrace the pilot episode of NO Fringe Festival!