NFN Artist Application Info

Nordic Fringe Network 2019 GLOBAL ARTIST CALL

Dear Artist,

The 3rd annual Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) touring circuit ARTIST CALL is now OPEN!

Since it’s 2017 launch our network has expanded to a whopping seven festivals in 2019! Next year brings two event clusters and one satellite event.

The circuit starts in Finland in the spring and wraps up in Norway at the start of the fall.


MAY 2019 – Cluster 01

  • Fin Fringe (Turku/Finland) 10th – 12th of MAY – 1st edition

  • Zagare Fringe Festival (Lithuania) 10th – 12th of MAY-  3rd edition

JUNE/JULY 2019 –  Satelite

  • Reykjavík Fringe (Iceland)  29th of JUNE – 7th of JULY – 2nd edition

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2019 – Cluster 02

  • Gothenburg Fringe Festival (Sweden) 28th of AUG – 2nd of SEPT – 4th edition

  • Stockholm Fringe Festival (Sweden) 3rd – 7th of SEPT – 10th edition

  • Lahti Fringe Festival (Finland) 4th – 7th of SEPT – 2nd edition

  • Bergen Fringe Festival (Norway) 5th – 8th of SEPT – 3rd edition


NFN aims to simplify systems and provide touring opportunities for artists applying to one or more of the Fringe festivals in the Nordic region.

Our member festivals are individual and very different events with shared values and an ambition to promote innovative new work to a new audience.

The geographical scope and venue types vary between the different cities. So does the selection process that originates in this joint artist call.

Artists who submit work to the network become part of a huge artist pool. Please read the attached festival fact sheets to familiarise yourself with the individual festivals and associated application. processes.

Before you proceed with the application form please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our general artist guidelines and the individual festivals profiles at the end of this document!



  • All festivals will have their own digital and/or printed programme brochure.
  • All festivals will have separate administrative organisations meaning you will still have to submit your programme copy and visuals separately.
  • Venue conditions and festival formats are also going to vary between the different festivals.
  • The admin fee involved will vary from location to location. Some festivals take application fees. Other festivals take out an admin fee once you’ve been accepted to the festival and been allocated in the official programme.
  • You will have separate artist agreements.
  • Some of the festivals will run additional local artist calls that cater to the local arts industry.
  • Most of the festivals are wrapped up with FRINGE AWARDS. The artist that are nominated or awarded in any given category go into an artist pool used to source “Nordic Fringe Seasons” talent for upcoming sister festivals in Europe, Australia and US.

The festivals have got one thing in common: the aim to elevate the local through the global and to offer the audience unique experiences outside of the traditional, to push boundaries and promote artistic innovation and bravery.


  • It’s not a requirement to do all 7 festivals.
  • Most acts are expected to do 1-2 of the festivals aligned with each other.
  • Our teams suggest a good roam around on travel search engines to find the best option for your team!
  • Please research and apply for travel grants now! Even if your participation is not confirmed we can issue letters of intent if needed for application purposes!


What is NFN and who can apply to the festival?

  • NFN is a network of 7 international festivals that welcomes artist from all countries and territories.
  • NFN is a multidisciplinary arts platform where various artistic expressions/disciplines are presented together.
  • Anyone can submit their work to the NFN.
  • The NFN festivals welcome work from both established and emerging artists.
  • Our team likes to facilitate art that does not fit into other commercial festivals.
  • NFN encourages innovative and experimental work.
  • Work in progress, arts discipline crossover projects and international collaborations are particularly welcomed.
  • Your work can be presented in any language. The vast majority of the audiences understand English. Each year a substantial number of works presented are not dialogue based.
  • Great effort is put in to deliver a Fringe offering with an even genre, gender and geographical spread.
  • You’re free to submit any type of work. The application form offers the following genres/choices:
  1. Theatre
  2. Dance
  3. Performance
  4. Installation
  5. Music
  6. Visual Art (Photo/Video etc.)
  7. Spoken Word
  8. Mobile Art (App/Mobile based work)
  9. Roaming performance (A performance with several different locations)
  10. Site Specific (Venues sourced by the artists, often in off-beat locations)
  11. Stand-Up Comedy
  12. Virtual reality
  13.  Other
  • An average Fringe show is 60 min long.
  • Durational work and shorter presentations are also welcomed.
  • Shorter can be bundled together with other shows of similar length into a “combo” session.
  • Applications can only be submitted online. If possible, please source your production materials locally.
  • The different NFN Fringe editions will be housed in multiple venues across the host cities.
  • Each NFN stage/space is typically used by several productions during the course of the festival. Sharing is caring.
  • The venues come equipped with performance spaces of various sizes and capacities.
  • Your stage comes equipped with a basic light rig / PA.
  • Artists are asked to indicate their space choice in the application form.
  • There is a limited set of each stage type and not all productions will have access to their first-hand stage space choice.
  • All production will be consulted before final venue allocation.
  • A panel of seasoned industry experts helps the programming team with the allocations of stages/spaces.
  • The anticipated audience is estimated and taken into consideration during this stage of the selection process.
  • The Artist is expected to arrive “on set” fully prepared.
  • There are minimal or no storage facilities in the venues.
  • Do you have a set/props heavy production? Our team will consult with you during the pre-festival period.
  • Your team will be assigned a tech consultant that will analyse your needs vs. venue offering and work out the ins and outs of logistics.
  • Access to your allocated stage is strictly limited, approximately 1 hr set up and 45 min bump out.
  • Technical rehearsal and meeting will be organised between house technicians and production team.
  • Separate non-venue based rehearsal spaces are made available depending on location.
  • Artists with ticketed shows are entitled to a minimum of 70% to 100% of the box-office revenue! This may vary from city to city. More info will be published via the individual festival websites.
  • Box office revenue payout takes a minimum of one month from the completion of the festival (usually longer pending paperwork trail).
  • There are several ways to declare the funds generated. Ticket sales declared as income will be taxed according to local tax rates. Ticket sales can also be matched with travel and accommodation costs fall under the expenses category). This is tax-free.
  • We realise that you need to budget your stay and minimise costs, but we strongly recommend that you factor in a few days before the festival to settle in.
  • Cultural institutes and foreign embassies have minor budgets set aside for cultural support, funding is not easy, to begin with, but it’s not impossible and definitely worth a try. Upon participation confirmation please let us know if you need a letter of support to be issued for upcoming funding applications.
  • Crowdfunding has proven to be very popular and successful for many previous NFN artists. Check out to see examples of how you can generate funding in your community.
  • Artists will be promoted via the festival websites, social media, newsletters, press releases and direct advertisement.
  • All editorial materials such as promotional pictures and info texts are subject to approval from the programming team.
  • Alterations to programme texts will be presented for approval prior to publication.
  • The festival reserves the right to crop pictures for editorial purposes.
  • Substandard/low-resolution promo images can’t be included in the official programme. Information about file size specification will be provided to all artists upon participation confirmation.
  • The Fringe works according to the “many little streams create a river” principle. The more you put in, the more you get engaged, the further you get. More information about hyperlinking, use of hashtags and inviting people from your private and professional environment will come closer to the event.
  • NFN member festivals invite hundreds of industry professionals to their festival. Each year a number of productions are purchased by local or overseas producers.
  • Many artists find their future collaborators through their Fringe participation.

NFN Member festival A-Z profiles

Bergen Fringe Festival

Name of festival director(s): Line Jensen

Festival edition: 3rd edition

Host city: Bergen, Norway

Nature of festival programming: Fully curated

General festival info email address: [email protected].com

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @NorwayFringeFestival

Festival Instagram: @nofringefestivalbergen

Application fee: No


Name of festival director(s): Kristina Vahvaselkä, Sami Rannila,, Sauli Luttinen and Tarja Suomi

Festival edition: PIlot edition

Host city: Turku/Åbo

Nature of festival programming: Fully curated

Festival theme: No

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @finfringe

Festival Twitter: @fin_fringe

Festival Instagram: @fin_fringe

Application fee: Yes (20 Euro)

Gothenburg Fringe Festival

Name of festival director(s): Isabel Lagos

Festival edition: 4th edition

Host city: Gothenburg, Sweden

Nature of festival programming: Partially curated

Festival theme: The City is our stage: we have conventional theatre, music and dance venues but also invite artists to partake in site-specific work, creative use of heritage buildings and other interesting venues.

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @GothenburgFringeFestival

Festival Twitter: @GBGFringe

Festival Instagram: @GBGfringe

Application fee: No

Lahti Fringe Festival

Name of festival director(s): Inkeri Määttä

Festival edition: 2nd edition

Host city: Lahti, Finland

Nature of festival programming: Curated through the venues

Festival theme: No

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @lahtifringefestival

Festival Twitter: @lahtifringe

Festival Instagram: @lahtifringe

Application fee: No

Reykjavík Fringe

Name of festival director(s): Nanna Gunnars

Festival edition: 2nd edition

Host city: Reykjavík, Iceland

Nature of festival programming:

Festival theme: No

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @rvkfringe

Festival Twitter: @rvk_fringe

Festival Instagram: @rvkfringefestival

Application fee: Yes (5000 ISK = 35 EURO)

Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)

Name of festival director(s): Adam Potrykus, Helena Bunker and Lina Karlmark

Festival edition: 10th edition.

Host city: Stockholm, Sweden

Nature of festival programming: Partially curated

Festival theme: The 10th-anniversary edition of Stockholm Fringe Festival will only feature narratives and projects created by  female, non-binary and trans artists.

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @Stoffholm

Festival Twitter: @Stoffholm

Festival Instagram: @Stoffholm

Application fee: No

Zagare Fringe Festival

Name of festival director(s): Sarah Mitrike & Židrija Janušaitė

Festival edition: 3rd edition

Host city: Zagare, Lithuania

Nature of festival programming: Partially curated

Festival theme: ‘Reaching out to those who feel out of reach’

General festival info email address: [email protected]

Festival website:

Festival Facebook: @zagarefringe

Application fee: TBC


Warm regards from all the Nordic Fringe Network member festival directors:

Adam Potrykus, Helena Bunker, Inkeri Määttä, Isabel Lagos, Kristina Vahvaselkä, Lina Karlmark, Line Jensen, Nanna Gunnars, Sami Rannila, Sarah Mitrike, Sauli Luttinen, Tarja Suomi and Židrija Janušaitė


Personvernerklæringen handler om hvordan denne nettsiden samler inn og bruker informasjon om besøkende. Erklæringen inneholder informasjon du har krav på når det samles inn opplysninger fra nettstedet vårt (personopplysningsloven § 19), og generell informasjon om hvordan vi behandler personopplysninger (personopplysningsloven § 18, 1.ledd). Juridisk eier av nettsiden er behandlingsansvarlig for virksomhetens behandling av personopplysninger. Det er frivillig for de som besøker nettsidene å oppgi personopplysninger i forbindelse med tjenester som å motta nyhetsbrev og benytte del- og tipstjenesten. Behandlingsgrunnlaget er samtykke fra den enkelte, med mindre annet er spesifisert.

1. Webanalyse og informasjonskapsler (cookies)

Som en viktig del av arbeidet med å lage et brukervennlig nettsted, ser vi på brukermønsteret til de som besøker nettstedet. For å analysere informasjonen, bruker vi analyseverktøyet Google Analytics. Google Analytics bruker informasjonskapsler/cookies (små tekstfiler som nettstedet lagrer på brukerens datamaskin), som registrerer brukernes IP-adresse, og som gir informasjon om den enkelte brukers bevegelser på nett. Eksempler på hva statistikken gir oss svar på er; hvor mange som besøker ulike sider, hvor lenge besøket varer, hvilke nettsteder brukerne kommer fra og hvilke nettlesere som benyttes. Ingen av informasjonskapslene gjør at vi kan knytte informasjon om din bruk av nettstedet til deg som enkeltperson. Informasjonen som samles inn av Google Analytics, lagres på Googles servere i USA. Mottatte opplysninger er underlagt Googles retningslinjer for personvern. En IP-adresse er definert som en personopplysning fordi den kan spores tilbake til en bestemt maskinvare og dermed til en enkeltperson. Vi bruker Google Analytics sin sporingskode som anonymiserer IP-adressen før informasjonen lagres og bearbeides av Google. Dermed kan ikke den lagrede IP-adressen brukes til å identifisere den enkelte brukeren.

2. Søk

Hvis nettsiden har søkefunksjon så lagrer informasjon om hvilke søkeord brukerne benytter i Google Analytics. Formålet med lagringen er å gjøre informasjonstilbudet vårt bedre. Bruksmønsteret for søk lagres i aggregert form. Det er bare søkeordet som lagres, og de kan ikke kobles til andre opplysninger om brukerne, slik som til IP-adressene.

3. Del/tips-tjenesten

Funksjonen "Del med andre" kan brukes til å videresende lenker til nettstedet på e-post, eller til å dele innholdet på sosiale nettsamfunn. Opplysninger om tips logges ikke hos oss, men brukes kun der og da til å legge inn tipset hos nettsamfunnet. Vi kan imidlertid ikke garantere at nettsamfunnet ikke logger disse opplysningene. Alle slike tjenester bør derfor brukes med vett. Dersom du benytter e-postfunksjonen, bruker vi bare de oppgitte e-postadressene til å sende meldingen videre uten noen form for lagring.

4. Nyhetsbrev

Nettsiden kan sende ut nyhetsbrev via epost hvis du har registrert deg for å motta dette. For at vi skal kunne sende e-post må du registrere en e-postadresse. Mailchimp er databehandler for nyhetsbrevet. E-postadressen lagres i en egen database, deles ikke med andre og slettes når du sier opp abonnementet. E-postadressen slettes også om vi får tilbakemelding om at den ikke er aktiv.

5. Påmelding, skjema

Nettsiden kan ha skjema for påmelding, kontaktskjema eller andre skjema. Disse skjemaene er tilgjengeliggjort for publikum for å utføre de oppgaver de er ment å gjøre. Påmeldingsskjema er for at besøkende kan melde seg på eller registrere seg. Kontaktskjema er for at besøkende enkelt kan sende en melding til nettsidens kontaktperson. Vi ber da om navnet på innsender og kontaktinformasjon til denne. Personopplysninger vi mottar blir ikke benyttet til andre formål enn å svare på henvendelsen. Skjema sendes som epost via Mailgun som tredjepartsløsning. Hele innsendelen blir lagret hos Mailgun i 24 timer. Mellom 24 timer og 30 dager er det kun mailheader som blir oppbevart før innsendelsen blir slettet etter 30 dager. Årsaken til denne lagringen er for å bekrefte om eposter blir sendt fra nettsiden og videresendt til riktig mottaker. Når eposten er mottatt av mottaker så er det opp til mottaker å avgjøre Databehandlingsbehovet av eposten.

6. Side- og tjenestefunksjonalitet

Det blir brukt informasjonskapsler i drift og presentasjon av data fra nettsteder. Slike informasjonskapsler kan inneholde informasjon om språkkode for språk valgt av brukeren. Det kan være informasjonskapsler med informasjon som støtter om lastbalanseringen av systemet slik at alle brukere blir sikret en best mulig opplevelse. Ved tjenester som krever innlogging eller søk kan det bli brukt informasjonskapsler som sikrer at tjenesten presenterer data til rett mottaker.

7. Hvordan håndtere informasjonskapsler i din nettleser kan du lese om hvordan du stiller inn nettleseren for å godta/avvise informasjonskapsler, og få tips til sikrere bruk av internett.