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  • Om Frihet

    Om Frihet

    Benedikte Esperi - Immersive Performance. Statement: Freedom is similar to darkness; there’s no beginning and no end, so let’s dance! ‘Om Frihet’ er en lyd-dans-og videoproduksjon av og med Benedikte Esperi.…

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  • Latido: Rappu/Tori

    Latido: Rappu/Tori

    Pia Del Norte Co. - A multidisciplinary sound and movement installation embodying re ections upon our time and transforming our everyday spaces. The starting point is the human pulse and how it’s affected…

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  • I Am Somebody

    I Am Somebody

    Sirqus Alfon - Skilfully crafting a high-tech performance imbued with rhythm, humour and a touch of magic, they represent a genre entirely of their own in which the audience gets…

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  • Smother


    201 Dance Company - Can you stay true to yourself, when everything suggests you change? After sell-out performances in New York, London and Edinburgh, 201’s raw, contemporary hip-hop movement returns…

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    I'M PURPLE, BITCH - It´s here! It´s Queer, and you know I think Queer is fakking everywhere! Exactly that, queer is everywhere – that is the very frame of this…

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  • The Terrible Tale

    The Terrible Tale

    Neil Sinclair - Set in a not too distant future, The Terrible Tale of Dr. F is a science action comedy, that even David Lynch would flinch at. A virus…

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  • Don’t Kill Your Darlings

    Don’t Kill Your Darlings

    Det Andre Teateret Don ́t Kill Your Darlings is a performance where the end arrives way to early, as the beginning always is the best part, right? The performer, Ingvild,…

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  • Cabaret From The Shadows

    Cabaret From The Shadows

    Teatro Pomodoro - Cabaret From The Shadows is a fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music; featuring charmingly anarchic characters who will…

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  • I Hurten Og Styrten

    I Hurten Og Styrten

    Insomniagirls Newly established Insomniagirls presents their brand new show ‘I hurten og styrten’. This is a comedy show with the look of everyday humans. We think it’s never to late. Inspired by…

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  • Blackpool


    Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen - Theatrical dance performance Blackpool takes the audience on a journey to the tough world of competitive ballroom dancing and reveals the rugged everyday life to…

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  • Old School

    Old School

    Absence When you are having fun, time goes by all too fast. The former dance- crew Absence is now in a retirement home. The highlights of the day are bingo…

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  • Lighthouse


    Stella Wing-Yan Tsui & Brian Chung-Wai Ting Attempting to document the stretched capacity of life, Lighthouse explores dialogues that one can have with oneself in a seemingly daily setting at a private…

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  • Thunderflop


    Zack & Viggo Fresh off an eighteen month tour of Europe, The US and Australia, award-winning, Norwegian- American comedy duo Zach & Viggo makes their Bergen debut with Thunderflop! Through a…

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  • Walk Of Shame

    Walk Of Shame

    Eleanor Conway Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. One person that puts her money where her mouth is, is comedian Eleanor Conway. Her debut stand up show ‘Walk…

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  • Stories About Love,Death & a Rabbit

    Stories About Love,Death & a Rabbit

    Charles Adrian Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2016 Stockholm Fringe Festival, Charles Adrian is well-meaning spinster librarian Ms Samantha Mann in this piece of heart-breaking comedy storytelling about…

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