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  • Om Frihet

    Om Frihet

    Benedikte Esperi - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Om Frihet Also available on door Immersive Performance. Statement: Freedom is similar to darkness; there’s no beginning and no end, so let’s dance! Norwegian:…

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  • Latido: Rappu/Tori

    Latido: Rappu/Tori

    Pia Del Norte Co. - TICKETS: FREE September 11th. 13:00 September 12th. 13:00 September 12th. 15:00  Also available on door A multidisciplinary sound and movement installation embodying re ections upon…

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  • I Am Somebody

    I Am Somebody

    Sirqus Alfon - BUY TICKETS HERE: 220NOK - I Am Somebody Also available on door! Skilfully crafting a high-tech performance imbued with rhythm, humour and a touch of magic, they represent…

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  • Smother


    201 Dance Company - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Smother Also available on door Can you stay true to yourself, when everything suggests you change? After sell-out performances in New York,…

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    I'M PURPLE, BITCH - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - I'M PURPLE BITCH September 12th. 12:00  September 12th. 17:00  Also available on door It´s here! It´s Queer, and you know I…

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  • The Terrible Tale

    The Terrible Tale

    Neil Sinclair - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - The Terrible Tale September 13th. 20:30 September 14th. 19:30 Also available on door Set in a not too distant future, The Terrible Tale of Dr. F is…

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  • Don’t Kill Your Darlings

    Don’t Kill Your Darlings

    Det Andre Teateret BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Don't Kill Your Darlings Also available on door Don ́t Kill Your Darlings is a performance where the end arrives way to early,…

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  • Cabaret From The Shadows

    Cabaret From The Shadows

    Teatro Pomodoro - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120 NOK - Cabaret From The Shadows Also available on door Cabaret From The Shadows is a fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre,…

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  • I Hurten Og Styrten

    I Hurten Og Styrten

    Insomniagirls BUY TICKETS HERE: 220NOK - I Hurten Og Styrten Also available on door NB! Ticket includes free admission to the next show "Stories About Love, Death & a Rabbit" Newly established Insomniagirls presents…

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  • Blackpool


    Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Blackpool Also available on door Theatrical dance performance Blackpool takes the audience on a journey to the tough world…

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  • Old School

    Old School

    Absence BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Old School Also available on door When you are having fun, time goes by all too fast. The former dance- crew Absence is now in a…

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  • Lighthouse


    Stella Wing-Yan Tsui & Brian Chung-Wai Ting BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Lighthouse Tuesday 12th. 18:00 Tuesday 12th. 20:00 Wednesday 13th. 18:00 Wednesday 13th. 20:00 Venue: Kalfarlien (performed in a…

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  • Zach & Viggo – Thunderflop

    Zach & Viggo – Thunderflop

    Zach & Viggo - BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Zach & Viggo (Thunderflop) September 13th. 18:00 September 13th. 20:00 Also available on door. "Fresh off a two year tour of Europe, The…

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  • Walk Of Shame

    Walk Of Shame

    Eleanor Conway BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Walk Of Shame Also available on door Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. One person that puts her money where…

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  • Stories About Love,Death & a Rabbit

    Stories About Love,Death & a Rabbit

    Charles Adrian BUY TICKETS HERE: 120NOK - Stories About Love, Death & a Rabbit September 12th. 20:30 September 14th. 20:30 Also available on door Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2016 Stockholm Fringe Festival,…

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