How to make mistakes work in your favour?

Viggo Venn was named Norwegian Champion of Theatresports in 2015, and works internationally as a clown and improviser.

In this workshop he will share techniques on how mistakes can work in your favour on stage. As actors and comedians we have to be able to change in an instant. Because if they aren’t laughing, then you aren’t doing your job. Through Clown, Le Jeu (The Game) and The Flop, we focus on having fun being our most ridiculous and playful selves.

We learn how to connect with the audience as well as when to back off a scene to let it breathe.

Viggo trained at École Philippe Gaulier in France, and has sold out comedy shows in Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin and Prague with his double act “Zach & Viggo”.

Date: 14:09 Time: 13:30 - 15:30
Tickets: Free to Fringe participants
Email us to reserve your tickets!
Tickets: General public 100 NOK 
Host: Viggo Venn
Duration: 2hrs
Language: English/Norwegian
Venue: Cornerteateret, Studio 1, Kong Christian Frederiks plass 4
NB! The workshop only takes 20 people