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World Fringe

World Fringe

Each year over 200 Fringe Festivals across the world showcase hundreds of thousands of artists and performers. 19 million people see approximately 170 thousand performers in 60,000 free and ticketed events. There are so many different forms of Fringe Festival, no two are the same and they never repeat themselves.

Stockholm* Fringe, Norway Fringe and The Nordic Fringe Network is a shining example of what Fringe Festivals do best, share, support, explore and celebrate culture. Fringes are an important part of the creative food chain presenting the stars of the future to their audiences. They re ect the cities and towns in which they reside, embracing the history, and future, of it’s venues, performers and personalities locally, nationally and internationally.

I was privileged to be invited to Gothenburg in 2016 to meet with the participating Fringe Producers and witness the concept and birth of the Nordic Fringe Network. These Festivals and the Nordic tour offers a huge opportunity to artists and audiences alike. You will witness an explosion of performances travelling across the Nordic region. The artists derive from across the globe for the pleasure and enjoyment of the spectators. Get involved and witness the action, hear the stories of travels and see exploratory, cutting edge, innovative performance right on your doorstep.

Take a chance on the Fringe, it makes dreams happen!

Holly Lombardo
Managing Director
[email protected]



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